Heavy oil, ammunition, radioactive waste and other toxins

Heavy oil, ammunition, radioactive waste and other toxins in more than 8,000 potentially dangerous shipwrecks worldwide threaten our oceans!

Politics pretends to be concerned, but does not want to burn its fingers and prefers to submit to the dictates of the economy.

Those responsible are hiding. For more than 70 years. They will never act on their own initiative. It’s obvious, there’s no money in eliminating their environmental crimes. On the contrary…

They are the war profiteers and their legal successors with their dirty family and company histories. With devotion, they deny until today. They are not unknown companies. They are not unknown faces. They still live completely unaffected by their environmental crimes.


We protect our seas from the legacies of these unscrupulous people and their companies! We will not rest until they either voluntarily acknowledge their historical obligation and make an appropriate contribution or are forced to do so by the courts. We have the right on our side and the means to do so.

Together we can do it.

The more we are, the stronger we are.

Become a Cleanwreck Co-Creator now and support our claims with your voice!

Together we will make it happen.